The full IUGG 2019 searchable scientific program is now online

The Scientific Program will be composed of Union, Inter-Association, and Association symposia, workshops, panels and special events.

Below is a list of confirmed Union Symposia.

U01 Achieving Sustainable Development: The Role for Earth Sciences
U02 Georisk Reduction: Science, Resources, and Governmental Action
U03 Mathematics of Planet Earth: The Science of Data
U04 Data-driven Science for Earth and Space Exploration
U05 New Discoveries in Earth's Deep Interior
U06 Recent Advances and Discoveries in Planetary Science and Comparative Planetology
U07 Centennial of International Cooperation in Earth and Space Sciences
U08 Earth and Space Observations
U09 Early Career Scientists’ Symposium

The scientific program also comprises 9 keynote Union lectures, to be given during the second morning session on three days of the Assembly.


Provisional Programs

Provisional Programs - COMPLETE SCHEDULE

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