All workshops and fieldtrips are not part of the IUGG – 27th General Assembly.
They are separate events that are not part of the scientific program.

All inquiries for workshops and fieldtrips should be addressed to and not directly to IUGG.

IUGG does not provide a financial support for these events.


Confirmation of time and schedule will be provided at a later date.


Tous les ateliers et visites techniques ne font pas partie de la 27ème Assemblée Générale de l’UGGI, ce sont des évènements à part.

Toutes les demandes d’organisation des ateliers et des visites techniques doivent être adressées à et non directement à l’UGGI.

L’UGGI ne fournit aucune aide financière pour ces évènements.

Half-day excursions


    Date: July 8, 13:30-17:00


    Primary leaders: Laurence Coursol, UQAM, Gabriel Gobeil, UQAM


    Cost: CAD $35 including tax

    Includes transportation from Montréal and back. Admission to the facility is free of charge.


    Requirements: Flat shoes with closed toe are obligatory. As part of the tour is outdoors, suitable clothing should be worn. Each participant of age 18 and over must bring a piece of photo identification (e.g. passport, driver’s license). The interior portion of the visit is not permitted to persons with a cardiac pacemaker.


    Description: A visit to the Beauharnois generating station on the canal that makes up part of the St. Lawrence River system southwest of the Island of Montréal. Beauharnois is one of the world’s largest hydroelectric generating facilities. Construction started over 80 years ago and the structure is characterised by an award-winning Art Deco architectural style. It comprises 38 generating units, spread over almost 1 kilometre, and is Hydro-Québec’s most powerful run-of-river plant. Specially-trained guides will give you an interactive educational tour of both the interior and exterior of the facility, where you will learn about hydroelectric power generation and the long history of hydroelectricity in Québec. A bus will transport you from downtown Montréal to the facility (a trip of about 45 minutes) and the guided tour lasts 90 minutes. At the end of the tour you will return to downtown Montréal.


    Maximum 50 participants.


    To book this fieldtrip, please click here.


    Date: July 13, 9:30-17:00 (will be moved to July 14 in the case of inclement weather)


    Primary leaders: Lewis Poulin, Environment and Climate Change Canada


    Cost: Free - except your purchases along the way (beverages, food, souvenirs). Good to bring money in case you want to use transit at some point.


    Requirements: This full day walk/hike will be about 12 km in length if you walk the full distance with us. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing for summertime city walking. Don’t forget your hat and sunscreen. A water bottle (reusable if possible). Refreshments can be purchased along the way. Good to bring your cellphone so we can stay in touch if necessary, along the way.


    Description: A guided tour of Montréal’s most interesting sights, from a local’s point of view. Participants will travel around the city on foot, by metro, local buses and even the city’s “Bixi” bicycles. The excursion will end in one of Montréal’s pubs or bistros, hopefully on the outdoor patio if weather permits!

    • Are you looking for a beautiful day of walking in Montreal?
    • We’ll start in old Montreal and weave our way (~3.8 km) through the downtown “Promenade Fleuve Montagne” (See link below) to the base of Mount Royal Park.
    • Then we’ll walk up the mountain trail (~45 minutes) or stairs (~20 minutes) to an observation point giving a great view of the downtown area.
    • After a break at the top we’ll walk down to the part of town called the Plateau (~3.5 km) with its many shops and beautiful residential streets.
    • We’ll then walk back towards the old port down the famous rue St Denis.
    • As we approach Old Montreal again, we can hopefully find one of Montréal’s pubs or bistros and relax perhaps on an outdoor patio if weather permits


    Maximum 15 participants.


    To book this fieldtrip, please click here.




    DATE: JULY 11, 10:00-19:00


    Primary leader: Alyssa Parks

    Co-leader: Tim Parker, Nanometrics Inc.


    Cost: Free

    Includes transportation from Montreal to Ottawa and back, lunch and light refreshments


    Requirements: Nanometrics requires a list of registrants and must approve each application. Comfortable, closed-toe shoes are required as part of the excursion will be outdoors with short distance walks.



    Want to see ‘behind the scenes’ of a world-class Seismology company?

    Nanometrics Seismic Monitoring Solutions invites you to an exclusive open doors visit to their headquarters near Ottawa, Ontario. This excursion to Kanata, (aka “Silicon Valley of the North”), will provide you with a unique opportunity to tour their manufacturing facilities. The tour will also include a live outdoor demonstration of their direct-burial seismic monitoring systems and seminars on their latest product, research and science developments.


    About Nanometrics:

    Nanometrics is an award winning company providing monitoring solutions and equipment for studying man-made and natural seismicity. Headquartered in Kanata, Ontario, with offices and representatives world-wide, Nanometrics has over 30 years’ experience, delivering solutions to customers across the globe. Our real-time and portable seismic systems are utilized by the world’s leading scientific institutions, universities and major corporations. Our pedigree is founded on precision instrumentation, network technology and software applications for seismological and environmental research. We specialize in collecting and analyzing critical real time data for global, regional and local seismic networks. We deliver world-class network design, installation and training services throughout the globe in a safety conscious environment.


    More details:

    This is a full day excursion. A mid-morning departure, with lunch provided en-route, will see you begin the tour of their facilities by mid-day. A full afternoon will be spent at Nanometrics, with a late afternoon departure that will ensure you arrive back in Montreal in time for dinner. Refreshments will be provided mid-afternoon.


    Maximum 20 participants.


    To book this fieldtrip, please contact Alyssa Parks ()


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